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Over a hundred years ago, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla as well as notable scientist Maxwell, known for his calculations of scalar electromagnetic fields discovered that there are waves that have no frequencies, often called Scalar Waves.

These Scalar Waves form the basis of the theory of Quantum Wellness which has been proven to have physical effect by doctors and scientists around the world over the last one hundred years.

Scalar Waves are capable of penetrating any solid object & travel faster than the speed of light and are involved in the process of the formation of nature.

Based on scientific studies, we have proven over the last 35 years to scientists, healers, and farmers around the world.

Scalar Waves have a beneficial effect on the immune system of all living structures as you can see how it helped coherently reordering the molecular structure of water in the video.

Hence, Scalar Waves can be used to actually ‘reprogram’ or ‘balance’ and help us heal effectively, from miles away, without a single medicine, touch or pain.

With the correct informational fields, your body can heal itself of almost anything!

“The day science begins to study Non-Physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than all the previous centuries of its existence.

To understand the true nature of the Universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequencies, and vibration.”

Nicola Tesla

Quantum Wellness

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