Categories of Quantum Wellness Programs

This is the exciting part:

  • Browse through the programs listed below in order to get an idea of what programs you might like to have balanced.

  • Next you choose ONE of the subscription-plans below.

  • Next check-out and make your payment

  • After your payment you will be directed to a page, where you send us your 4 choices for the first month of balancing and YOUR PHOTO.

  • Every month you will receive an email to ask you for your choices of the next month. 


Choose your Subscription-Plan either 49.95/month or 74.95/month


Check-Out and make your payment


Prepare a full body photo of yourself with no other people, plants or animals in the photo (or whoever or whatever you want to balance) and have it ready to upload. A plain background like a door works well.


After Check-Out you will be redirected to the page where you can send us your 4 Quantum Wellness Programs for the first month and YOUR PHOTO.

For detailed information about the programs, click the button above. Below is an overview of available programs.