Categories of Quantum Wellness Programs

This is the exciting part:

  • Browse through the programs listed below in order to get an idea of what programs you might like to have balanced.

  • Next you choose ONE of the subscription-plans below.

  • Next check-out and make your payment

  • After your payment you will be directed to a page, where you send us your 4 choices for the first month of balancing and YOUR PHOTO.

  • Every month you will receive an email to ask you for your choices of the next month. 


Choose your Subscription-Plan either 49.95/month or 74.95/month


Check-Out and make your payment


Prepare a full body photo of yourself with no other people, plants or animals in the photo (or whoever or whatever you want to balance) and have it ready to upload. A plain background like a door works well.


After Check-Out you will be redirected to the page where you can send us your 4 Quantum Wellness Programs for the first month and YOUR PHOTO.

For detailed information about the programs, click the button above. Below is an overview of available programs.

New Experimental Programs

UV Light 360 Nano Meter Cancer Program

Dr. Hamer Trauma Balancing Program