12 Strand DNA Activation

Now you can Step up to the next level of your spiritual evolution with the activation of your 12 DNA strands, the 12 layers of interdimensional energy that surround them, and your Akashic Record.

Scientists call these strands “junk DNA” since they do not know what they are for. Science will eventually catch up with Meta-Physics.



Unlock Your Spiritual Potential: Activate Your 12 DNA Strands with SE-5 Radionics

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual evolution and tap into the hidden potential within you. Deep within your being, you possess not only the familiar double helix of DNA but also an intricate network of 12 DNA strands, accompanied by 12 layers of inter-dimensional energy and your Akashic Records. While these strands have been labeled as “junk DNA” by conventional science, their true purpose and power are yet to be fully understood. Now, with the aid of SE-5 and Radionics, you can balance and activate these extra strands, unlocking a higher level of consciousness and spiritual growth.

Radionics is an advanced technology that allows us to work with subtle energies and harness their potential for healing and transformation. By utilizing the principles of radionics, we can access and influence the energetic aspects of our being, including our DNA and inter-dimensional energy layers. Through intention and focused energy work, we can bring about profound shifts and activations within ourselves.

The activation of your 12 DNA strands holds the key to unlocking your spiritual potential. These additional strands are believed to harbor dormant abilities, higher levels of awareness, and a deeper connection to universal consciousness. By balancing and activating these strands, you can expand your consciousness, enhance your intuition, access higher realms of knowledge, and align with your soul’s purpose.

SE-5 and Radionics provide a powerful tool to facilitate this process. By working with the SE-5 instrument, which acts as a bridge between your intention and the subtle energy realms, you can send targeted frequencies and intentions to harmonize and activate your 12 DNA strands. The radionic frequencies emitted by the SE-5 device resonate with the energetic blueprint of your DNA, stimulating the awakening and activation of these dormant strands.

As you activate your 12 DNA strands, you also tap into the inter-dimensional energy layers that surround them. These layers hold profound wisdom, spiritual insights, and connections to higher realms. By accessing and harmonizing these layers, you can transcend limitations, expand your consciousness, and experience a profound connection to the vast cosmic web of existence.

Furthermore, the SE-5 system can help you access and work with your Akashic Record—the energetic archive that holds the imprints of your soul’s journey across lifetimes. By connecting to your Akashic Record, you gain access to profound insights, past-life memories, and spiritual guidance that can accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

While science may currently label these aspects of our being as “junk DNA,” the emerging field of metaphysics recognizes their significance and transformative potential. By embracing the power of Radionics, you can bridge the gap between science and metaphysics, and tap into the hidden realms of your multidimensional self.

Step up to the next level of your spiritual evolution. Activate your 12 DNA strands, harmonize the inter-dimensional energy layers, and unlock the wisdom of your Akashic Record with the transformative power of SE-5 Radionics. Embrace the profound shifts, expanded consciousness, and spiritual growth that await as you awaken the dormant potential within you.

Note: While SE-5 Radionics can be a valuable tool for personal growth and spiritual exploration, it is important to approach it with an open mind and discernment. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice. If you have specific health concerns or require assistance, we recommend consulting qualified healthcare or holistic practitioners.

Embrace the power of SE-5 Radionics to activate your 12 DNA strands and unlock your spiritual potential. Step into a new realm of consciousness, awareness, and connection with the profound support of this transformative technology.


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